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News & Events

Harwood Golf Club Calendar of Events for 2018


First Sign up game:                          May 19 th , 2018

Interclub Try out:                              June 2nd and 3rd 2018

Second sign up game:                    June 9th, 2018

Nine and Dine:                                 June 22nd, 2018 (Tentative)

Third Sign up game:                        June 23th, 2018

Fourth Sign up game:                     June 30th, 2018

Fifth Sign up game:                         July 14th, 2018

Interclub Ladies “B”:                       July 15th, 2018 (@ Club de Golf Le Versant)

Nine and Dine:                                 July 28th, 2018 (Tentative)

Sixth sign up game:                         August 4th, 2018

Interclub Men Senior:                      August 7th, 2018 (@ Club de Golf Grand Duc)

Interclub Women Senior:                August 12th, 2018 (@ Club de Golf Le Diamant)

Nine and Dine:                                 August 17th, 2018 (Tentative)

Interclub Men “B”:                            August 19th ,2018 (@ Club de Golf Whitlock)    

Seventh Sign up game:                  August 25th, 2018

Club Championship:                       September 1stand 2nd, 2018

Eighth Sign up game:                      September 8th, 2018

Ninth Sign up game:                        September 15th, 2018

Tenth Sign up game:                       September 29th, 2018

Last Social event of the year:        October 20th, 2018

It is important to check the board  and website regularly to see any important notices or to sign up for activities. The boards have been put up so that all members receive the same information
Events that can be found on the board for sign up are:

- Ryder Cup ( you must be able to play both games)
- Club Champion Tournament  ( you must be able to play both games) 
- Mixed tournament
- Club (ladder) competition
- Tournaments at other clubs
- Interclub sign up sheets

If you have any suggestions and or comments and concerns please do not hesitate to speak to your club president, Derek Kilian, or to Tanya Daoust.