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Harwood Golf Club - Club De Golf Harwood Golf Club - Club De Golf Harwood Golf Club - Club De Golf

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Club Rules

The following dress code is required for all players.
Soft spikes only

Men/Junior: Jeans are not permitted.

Ladies/Junior: Mini skirts, mini shorts, or jeans are not permitted.

Harwood Golf Club is a fully licensed establishment and alcoholic beverages are sold at the club. The bringing of alcoholic beverages from outside the club is not permitted by law.

The Club reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse service to any Member, or person when that person appears to be intoxicated.

 Members and non member players are expected to care for the course.

Divots shall be replaced or reseeded with material provided on tees or in carts;

Ball marks are to be repaired on greens; and bunkers are to be raked after use.

Bunkers are to be entered and exited from their lowest point; all bunkers must be raked after each use.

It is the duty of each person using the facilities to familiarize him or herself with and observe the rules of etiquette as required in the rules of the R.C.G.A. found at  www.rcga.org

There is to be no sharing of sets of clubs; each player must have his or her own set of golf clubs.  Rental clubs are available from the clubhouse for those who do not have clubs.

 No group of more than four persons shall be allowed on the course without prior permission of Harwood Golf.

The use of range balls on the course is NOT permitted

Slow play is a problem that all golfers can and should play their part in improving.

Apart from ensuring that we maintain the correct pace of play ourselves, (E.g. by walking quicker between strokes; assessing our next shot while another player is preparing for theirs; eliminating unnecessary, time-wasting elements of our stroke routine; and leaving our golf bags at the exit to the putting green) We can also encourage the other players in our group to do the same. A good principle is to try and keep close to the group in front, no matter what is happening to the group behind. Marshals are and will be on the course to enforce this.


No person, Member or otherwise shall use the practice facilities without first checking in, in person, at the club house.

No person, member or otherwise shall commence play without first checking in with the club house and obtaining and or verifying a tee time and starting instructions.

Members may reserve advance tee times by calling Harwood Golf not more than 7 days in advance.

No person, member or otherwise shall play on the course when it is closed.

Weather and turf conditions permitting, the golf course shall be open for play between April 15th and November 15th each year.

Additional play outside these dates shall be at the sole discretion of course management.

No person, member or otherwise shall play two or more balls;

The course is reserved solely for 9 or 18 hole play in accordance with the rules of golf and the these Rules and Regulations.

Tee time reservations shall be accepted for play when the course is open from 7:00 A.M. until 9:00 P.M each day.

Harwood Golf reserves the right to pair players that do not have complete foursomes.